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How To Disable Eco Mode On Your Staycold Cabinets Danfoss Controller:


Firstly, what is ECO Mode & how does it impact your cabinet?

Most Staycold units are equipped with a digital control module as standard.

One of the features of this module is the ECO Mode function.

ECO mode allows you to save up to 30% of electricity costs during quiet times by allowing the temperature in the fridge to rise slightly.

NB. Should your unit be used to store temperature sensitive products this is not a desirable function and you may want to remove it.

How to Remove:

  1. Press & hold both the arrow buttons on the right side of the controller for 5-6 seconds

  2. Once the controller display flashes “PAS” & changes to “000”, use the up-arrow button to scroll to “111” & then press the light button, on the bottom left.

  3. The controller display will flash “PS1” & then show “THE”. Use the arrow buttons to scroll to “ECS” & press the light button

  4. The controller display will show “ECO”. Press the light button once more & then it will flash “YES”. Use the arrow buttons to change it to “NO” & press the light button once again.

  5. The controller will display “ECO” once again. Press the “ECO” button, on the top left, to show “ECS” & then once more.

  6. The cabinet should now reset & ECO mode will be removed from your cabinet.

Should you need any assistance,

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